Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 16: Capped Brood and Queen Sightings!

Mothers Day today. My daughter Kelsey and her husband Sean came to visit and helped me with the hive inspection. Beautiful warm sunny day again today.

I have 2 extra sets of safety gear so we all suited up and had a great time inspecting the frames.   

Lots of capped brood! New eggs too, and brood in all stages in between.

We spotted the queens in both hives. I was not expecting this because last week I looked and looked and didn't see either one. Sean spotted the FlashMob queen on the side of a frame and I spotted 'The Others' queen.

 You can see the queen in this photo near the center. She is longer/larger and has a pointed abdomen.

Lots of capped brood in this photo.

You can see large larvae in most of the cells in this photo.

I put the inner cover on shallow side up by mistake last time I filled the feeders on The Others. They built some extra comb on top of the frames which we removed and saved for candle making.


  1. Don't know too much about the bees, but I love the picture of Kelsey:)

  2. I love how you named the hives "FlashMob" and "the Others". Cracks me up! What great names!